GPM Training & Consulting, TERMS AND CONDITIONS


All goods and services supplied by GPM Training & Consulting are provided on the following terms and conditions unless formally specified changes are agreed upon between the parties:

  1. Price

GPM Training and Consulting maintains a current Price List; however, the price of goods is determined at the time of order. Prior to payment of a deposit, prices may be subject to change without notice.

  1. Payment

GPM Training and Consulting accepts payment for 'shop' products by credit card only. Purchased goods will not be delivered without payment in full unless special arrangements are formally agreed by GPM Training and Consulting 

  1. Delivery

All purchases are subject to a packaging & delivery fee. We dispatch your order quickly via Australia Post or their agents. Goods will be delivered Monday to Friday and may take up to 10 working days from the time of order.

  1. Risk

All goods are at the customer's risk from delivery to the specified destination.

  1. Delay

GPM Training and Consulting will endeavour to fill orders promptly but will not be liable for any delays in supply from the manufacturer or distributor.

  1. Amendment of Order

Any customer-initiated amendment to an order or delivery schedule is subject to agreement by GPM Training and Consulting. Changes may be subject to a price adjustment.

  1. Warranties and Limitations of GPM Training and Consulting Liability

The customer shall receive the benefit of all warranties and conditions supplied by manufacturers, plus those that are implied by law, and which GPM Training and Consulting may not lawfully exclude.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, GPM Training and Consulting limit its liability for goods purchased to replace or repair those goods, excluding any freight charges.

  1. Returned Goods and Claims Procedure

Please see our Returns and Exchanges page

  1. Goods and Services Tax

A tax invoice with GST will be issued for all goods.