Code of Conduct

GPM Training and Consulting courses will ensure that qualified, current and experienced trainers are used to facilitate courses. Trainers will prepare and present materials that meet the appropriate standard. Participants will be assessed fairly, objectively and consistently to determine their competency and understanding of the material. While GPMTraining and Consulting courses staff will provide encouragement and support, each participant has a responsibility to make every effort to maintain satisfactory progress in their first aid training. If a participant exhibits behaviour which is disruptive, inappropriate or disturbing to other course participants and/or the trainer, the following action may be taken, either individually or in conjunction with each other.

Participants may be:

  • Asked to leave the course without refund
  • Counselled by training staff to seek a solution
  • Offered another course being conducted by a different trainer

Timely arrival – Unless previously approved by the course trainer or training manager, any participant who arrives later than 15mins after the course commencement time or returns from any break more than 15mins late will not be permitted to continue and will be re-booked onto another course. Please note there may be a re-booking fee.


In line with the current requirements from ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority) and the ARC (Australian Resuscitation Council) all participants must be observed performing floor based CPR and first aid scenarios.

Many of the courses also include a multiple choice assessment to be conducted at the end of the course.

Any participant that does not meet these requirements will be deemed NYC (not yet competent) and rescheduled into another course until such time as assessment can be made. Assessment must be re-conducted with 14 days.

For further information please visit for the unit of competency outlines.


For all Nationally Recognised Training (NRT) courses the government regulator requires all participants must have ID to be sighted by the trainer prior to commencement of training. Please bring one form of photographic identification with you to your course. Your trainer will need to view it before issuing your certificate.


GPM Training and Consulting courses (excluding private bookings). Course dates can be found on our GPM Training and Consulting courses website or by calling 0474 976 401 or emailing

Payment for courses can be made upon booking or made via credit card or cash on the day. GPM Training and Consulting courses may offer invoicing for group or company bookings with 14 day trading terms.

All pre-course material must be completed prior to attending the course. The link for the pre-course material can be found in your confirmation of booking email. If you are unable to complete this or require assistance, please call 0474 976 401

Flexible Delivery

GPM Training and Consulting courses will support participants in obtaining their first aid certificate within a two week period. GPM Training and Consulting courses will offer flexible options such as:

  • Alternative course times and dates.
  • Re-test of competencies that were not met at the first assessment.

Offer one on one assessment options for participants who are ESL (English as a Second Language) or have LLN (Language, literacy and Numeracy) difficulties.


Lunch is not provided. It is recommended that participants bring their own lunch. There are numerous places around our facility to purchase lunch, if desired. Morning Tea breaks are strictly 15 minutes and lunch breaks are strictly 30 minutes. We allow participants to eat in the course and finish their lunch while training, given the wait times people may be subjected to at cafes etc.

Registration Fee

GPM Training and Consulting courses reserves the right to determine registration fees for courses. Information on the course fees is available by contacting the office: Telephone 0474976401

Refund Policy

A full refund of course fees paid will be given if:

  • GPM Training and Consulting cancels a course;
  • A participant or organisation gives more than 3 business days advanced notice that they will not be attending the course.


The refund will be subject to a $50.00 administration fee if the participant or organisation does not inform GPM Training and Consulting courses and training at least three business days in advance that the participant will not attend the course.

To request a refund, the participant is required to contact GPM Training and Consulting courses in writing via email to The refund is then posted or credited to the account of the person or organisation who made the original payment.

If a participant or organisation does not attend without notice then no refunds will be made. Suppose a participant provides a medical certificate for non-attendance and did not contact GPM Training and Consulting courses within the 3 business days prior to the course. In that case, the $50 admin fee will apply and the remainder of the booking amount will be refunded to the person that made payment.

Booking Policy

A course participant/organisation is entitled to a complimentary transfer where they give more than

3 business days advance notice of the course the participant wishes to transfer out of. A $20.00 fee will be charged for additional transfers above the complimentary transfer. An administration fee of $50 will be charged where the request for transfer is received less than 3 business days before the course the participant wishes to transfer out of. All courses must be completed within 3 months of the original booking date. No refunds or transfers will be made after this date.

If a participant is booked in for a refresher course, then a current and valid certificate must be presented upon enrolment. GPM Training and Consulting courses will accept certificates that have expired within two weeks prior to the booking being made. If the certificate expiry is beyond this, then a full course must be undertaken.

Access & Equity

GPM Training and Consulting courses actively encourages the participation of a cross section of the community. This is achieved through the establishment of non-discriminatory participant selection procedures, encouraging access for all members of the community. There is a Multiple-Choice Assessment in many of the courses.

Participants with language, literacy or any special learning needs should inform the enrolment staff at the time of booking (or as soon as possible after receiving your confirmation). Participants should be aware that many of the courses require the performance of physical tasks for assessment (e.g. CPR – refer to Assessment details provided above). Any participants concerned about their ability to carry out these tasks should notify the course's trainer.


Access to Records

Participants may have access to their records by contacting the office in writing. Proof of identity will be required before any records are released.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) or Recognition of Current Competency (RCC)

GPM Training and Consulting recognises first aid qualifications or statements of attainment (SOA) that comply with the Australian Qualifications Training Framework (AQTF), and are issued by another Registered Training Organisation (for certificate's remaining period of currency).

Grievance and dispute resolution

Participants have the right to seek redress if they feel that GPM Training and Consulting has unfairly treated them.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Discuss the grievance with the Trainer of the first aid course. If the resolution is unsatisfactory:
  • Address the grievance in writing and discuss with the General Manager or Director, whereby they will have 10 business days to respond in writing.

If satisfactory resolution can still not be reached then you may raise your grievance with the Fair Work Commission or ASQA

Workplace Health & Safety

GPM Training and Consulting has a responsibility to provide a safe and healthy environment for its employees, participants and visitors. Under the Work Health and Safety ACT 2011, Work Health and Safety Regulations (2017) and the current Codes of Practice, participants also have a responsibility to:

  • Undertake activities in a safe manner;
  • Follow instructions provided for safety;
  • Not to place themselves or others at risk;
  • Report injury, illness or 'near miss' to the trainer and in writing to

Privacy Policy

GPM Training and Consulting courses respect the privacy of participants and staff. Information collected will be used in administration procedures and may be provided to the training staff. This information will not be released to any other organisation without the individuals express consent. A reminder email will be sent to those who are eligible to attend an annual Refresher course. Other information on first aid training opportunities may be sent to participants and/or organisations. Failure to provide up to date contact details or a valid email address upon enrolment may result in certificates and/or reminders not being forwarded. If a participant has privacy concerns they should contact the Office on 0474 976 401

Course Material

Pens are available if required. All First Aid courses come with a manual, resuscitation chart and magnet. There is no GST charged on first aid courses.

Children attending courses

Participants of the Mums, Bubs and Dad Too! course are encouraged to bring babies up to 12 months old to the course with them and special provisions have been made to allow this. All other GPM Training and Consulting courses will not allow children to attend with participants unless they are over 14 years of age and are enrolled in the course as a participant.


If you have any questions or queries regarding the terms and conditions or general enquiries not covered in the terms and conditions, don't hesitate to get in touch with our office on 0474 976401 or email